Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow Closure

For the third year running, St Thickchilds has managed to be the first school in the area to declare itself closed due to the 1.5 cm of snow that fell on the hills several miles away. Beating local rivals Scagtown Comprehensive by almost 11 minutes, Headmaster (or Lead Learner as he prefers to be called) Mr Sandal proudly declared:

"Where we lead, others follow!"


Anonymous said...

How come we English people always talk about the weather - yet, when we get some, we can't cope with it? No other countries can't cope with a bit of snow.

Charlotte said...

Anon @ 09:17, The usual excuse is that we get snow so rarely that it's not worth spending money on the ifnrastructure needed to deal with it properly. Although IMO it's getting to the point where the snow is so frequent that it probably would be worth the money. Especially if those theories that climate change might affect the gulf stream in such a way that Britain becomes colder are true.

Unfortunately we probably don't have any money at the moment to buy the stuff we needed to deal with it.

Mr Natural said...

During the particularly severe winter of 1962-63 our school bus turned up a bit late some mornings but the school did not close. The problem these days is traffic density: cars and lorries break down and block the road, creating long traffic jams and preventing snow ploughs and gritters from getting through. Add to that teachers commuting from far greater distances than they did when I was at school and the unwillingness of head teachers to admit children when too few adults are on the premises and the result is schools close.

In the old days, the physics master would keep hundreds of pupils entertained in the main hall with wartime tunes played on the piano until enough teachers arrived to begin lessons. I can still remember them: “Love is … (diddely dum) the sweetest thing ……”

Ole Phat Stu said...

Lead learner?

As in Der F├╝hrer?
or as in Plumbum?