Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clashes at Student Fees Protest

The huge increase in Degree fees is very unfair. Well it's unfair to the clever students who would have got to University at any time in the last 30 years. Why on Earth should they have to subsidise a load of drongos who can barely read or write but have been told by their schools that it is their right to go onto further education?

Charge the thickos and we will happily pay for the bright sparks.


Anonymous said...

Sooo true - unis are full of morons these days, obtaining degrees in mickey mouse subjects, and when they come out there won't be the glamorous career "in the media" - it'll be shelf stacking at Tesco's or shovelling fries at McDumbo's.
The first batch of my students from school re back from uni. I see them all the time working at supermarket check-outs. They all have degreees in "expressive dancve", "photography", "Media studies" and the such - but no jobs.These youngsters have been failed massively, they now have a huge student loan to pay off and no job - had they been advised to become plumbers or electricians, they'd be much better off.

Coldwater said...

So who is going to do something about this?

Son number 1 is at University. In a few years time another son will be at the age where he could go into higher education. I'll be honest, he is probably not going to be university material.

There's 7 years to turn this around so that going to university is *not* seen as the thing he *must* do.

Kit said...

Too many mickey mouse courses like 'sports studies, 'media studies' and 'womens studies'.

Too many non academic thickos thinking it is their right to study at university, when it should by all reason be restricted to the elite.

oldgirlatuni said...

Whisper it quietly - as a current student, I agree. I cannot for the life of me understand why every single piece of training has to have a degree qualification added to it. What on earth was wrong with training for a specific job?

As for the mickey mouse subjects, I'm sure that the only reason that they exist is that they're easier to sell to the consumers. Sorry, offer as viable degree choices to prospective students.

And, when the fees are raised, and education becomes even more of a market than it is now, the degrees that sell easily will the ones that remain, while those that smack of elitism will be cut.

I fear for the state of Higher Education, and by extension for the rest of the country. If the only people coming out of University have dumb degrees, we're going to become a very dumb country.

Don said...

To my mind, there's a lot to be said for the virtues of the old day release and sandwich courses. By paying for and thus effectively 'sponsoring' students, employers could make sure that those who did no work or didn't turn up got kicked off the course, while colleges and examining bodies for their part had to make sure that the content of the courses was both relevant and useful.