Monday, November 08, 2010

Lady Gaga

We will never be able to compete with the United States if we are always playing catch-up. Can it really be true that none of our Universities offer the chance to study Lady Gaga?


oldgirlatuni said...

It's only a matter of time. Higher Education is looking more and more like a market place, where one of the more important aims is to get as many fee paying punters through the door as possible.

Even some of the more 'serious' universities are offering questionable courses - the University I attend offers a course in Divination, and a degree in Popular Music.

The Defence Brief said...

There was a university in America that offered a degree in Klingon (a "language" made up for TV show Star Trek) about 10-years ago.

A girl I knew at Uni was studying a degree in Radio. It sounded useful as it taught her all aspects of radio show production, presentation, technical stuff etc. However, I couldn't help thinking that would have been much better taught on the job.

Another lad I knew studied a Film degree. Not even how to make films, it was just like English Literature but watching (mostly American) films instead of reading books.

My degree focused on psychology, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. I'm a lawyer now so it wasn't that much help.

jerym said...

Just a thought,has there ever been a course on rodent animation in American cinema

Anonymous said...

They can study Coronation Street here if they do media study....well..if that isn't something!!