Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Schools you think are Rubbish

Reader thought the following schools were rubbish. Feel free to add to the list. You can get to this post from the sidebar.

Schools that are offended by being labelled as 'rubbish' should feel free to sue me.


Mosher said...

Royal Grammar School, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

No professional reason. I just went there for six years as a child and hated every minute of it. If it burnt to the ground tomorrow I'd wait until the embers had stopped smouldering before pissing on them.

Anonymous said...

Bognor Regis Community College

Terrible behaviour, poor support from management, massaging statistics at the expense of the kids, high staff turnover as a result.
Very keen to embrace anything hip and trendy.

Ben Jones said...

West Derby Comp. Liverpool

Nothing but a haven for abusive louts stashed away in portacabins because half the classrooms are vandalized.

Anonymous said...

Westoe Comprehensive South Shields.

Frankly very violent on a constant basis and nothing done to support the decent kids at all. Many staff not interested and obvious time servers handing out science course work for pupils to copy into textbooks while they read a novel.The cane used without restraint. Two school careers trips in total = 1. The local mine 2. The shipyard. Oddly I rejected both on sight. On the bright side you did get an extended summer holiday as some idiot always set fire to the place during the break. I am 50 now so hopefully I shall be over the whole experience soon.

PS: I do enjoy your blog Frank and wish you all the best. Hope you enjoyed the holiday in France. Sounded great !

Anonymous said...

Westminster City School, Palace St., Westminster. This former grammar school produced a Nobel prize-winner and doctors by the gross but today is noted for two rapes of female teachers, one hushed up with a payment of £100,000, by pupils which are predominantly now West Indian. Can't understand why the Blairs didn't send their children there as it is the closest to Downing Street. Lloyd George sent his son there in 1917.

Anonymous said...

Knowsley Park Centre for Learning

Prescot, Merseyside

motto "If at first you don't succeed .......redefine success"

or was it

"Exita acta probat"

or was it

.... "rules? what rules?"

Anonymous said...

Lydgate Middle School, Sheffield in the 1970's and 80's. (Now called Lydgate Junior School.)
I can really relate to what "Mosher" said about wanting to piss on the embers of that school. I was miserable there and left totally unprepared for Secondary school. I would have not learned how to read if my parents hadn't noticed it and taught me after school.

Though I was lucky enough never to go there, Abbeydale Secondary School/Comprehensive in Sheffield had a horrendous reputation. It was so bad that it got written about in a book called "The School Report" by a leftie called Nick Davies. It was originally an excellent grammer school.

Anonymous said...

Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School in Worcester. The rumour in the playground is the deputy is a bully and that's why half the staff left last year.

Anonymous said...

Allerton Grange High School, Leeds

An awful place to go to school. The students run the place and the SMT are weak. Likes to suspend staff at the drop of a hat but lets the kids get away with murder. Picks up on any teaching fad and batters the staff with data, despite a lot of the students busying themselves on enhancing their criminal records.

Anonymous said...

I did supply there and support every word. It gets away with it because there is a small core of middle-class kids with good attitude who get good results. There was a knifing in the school grounds when i was there and the main priority for the SLT was establishing whether it was technically in the school grounds, in which they would have to try hard to play it down, or just outside in which case they lost interest.

Anonymous said...

Any of the bottom four in the Leeds league tables. They are beyond awful, run by trendy-lefty bleeding heart bandwagon jumpers. No fad too daft, no political correctness too risible, no cheating too immoral to get their pitiful results up. As far as I know no-one has got away with murder yet but you can't get yourself excluded even for dealing on the premises or grievous bodily harm.

Anonymous said...

The former St David and St Katherine's, Hornsey. Now renamed. Appalling buildings, worse kids and chocolate teapot SMT if you could find them. More weapons carried than pens or books.

Anonymous said...

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