Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Schools you think are Great

Readers thought the following schools were great. Feel free to add to the list. You can get to this post from the sidebar.

Schools that take offence to being labelled 'great' should feel free to sue me.

St Aidan's in Harrogate
Clarendon House & Chatham House in Ramsgate
Magdalen College School, Brackley, Northants
Howard of Effingham,
Royal Grammar School, High Wycome
Dr Challoners Grammar School, Amersham
Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton
The Abbey School Reading, Reading
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls
Colchester Royal Grammar School
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School
Reading School
The Tiffin Girls' School, Kingston upon Thames
Chelmsford County High School for Girls
Wolverhampton Girls' High School
Invicta Grammar School, Maidstone
Colyton Grammar School, Devon
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Birmingham
King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford
Newport Girls' High School
St Bede's College, Manchester
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, Birmingham
Colchester County High School for Girls
Queen Mary's Grammar School, Walsall
Wilson's School, Wallington


Chris said...

Maybe it's just is my simplistic, child-like and unsophisticated way of viewing the world, but I think I see a pattern here...

Anonymous said...

So how come I've heard of Howard of Effingham then? I only moved here to take up a job with the police...

berenike said...

Cardinal Vaughan, London

Anonymous said...

Are we allowed to plug independent schools?

Anonymous said...

Dauntsey's School Lavington - worth every penny

Anonymous said...

In that case - Harrogate Ladies' College

Anonymous said...

Bournemouth School (Grammar School for boys)

A R said...

Dr Challoners Grammar School, Amersham?!

You're having a laugh, aren't you?

I went there to provide a (free) extra curricular activity day for the students with an aim of encouraging them to persue a career in my field.

The Staff were useless and messed up our timetable within ten minutes because they wouldn't lower themselves to sticking to it. Some of the students were rude, aggressive and lazy (and of course totally uncontrolled by the hand-wringing staff members present).

Overall, they gave a rather bad image of themselves to us...

Oh - the weird statue/picure/optical illusion on the wall facing the playground is scary, big-brother like and utterly pointless!