Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Pupils Protest Dover

Whilst the Police Inspector just made excuses for these brats who walked out and damaged some of their teachers' cars (no doubt following some new guidelines about non judgemental commenting or something equally mad), at least the Headmaster doesn't mince his words as much. We need to teach children that sometimes you just have to accept a rule that you might not like, otherwise who is ever going to employ them? (In the same way that I had to pay an extortionate amount for a new passport recently, but managed to resist doing any vandalism). In my book, the right of protest extends to sending a polite letter to those in charge.

Thanks to Inspector Gadget for the link and I would like to add that the 43 year old male reported to be hanging around outside the school gates was not me.


Northern Teacher said...

Spot on, Mr Chalk.

marc said...

I love it! A few spoiled it for everyone else, like it was a village fete or something.

I liked the parent at the end saying "what do they want me to do?" - answers on a postcard?

Anonymous said...

I like the long-haired twat at the start who says, 'Every single student is 100 per cent behind this... we want things better for us.'

The arrogance, conceit, vanity and solipsism of youth... what more can I say.

Don said...

I noticed the students didn't appear to be exactly articulate over what it was their protest was actually designed to achieve - apart from just causing a bit of obvious disruption.

Should prepare them well for adult life as Trade Unionists.