Monday, January 05, 2009

School's Out

This article neatly sums up the reasons I wrote my book.

It's worth bearing in mind that the official inspections agency, Ofsted doesn't think that any of the schools are failing their pupils. Imagine what goes on in the ones that are...


Nick said...

The boy who attacked him fits an all too familiar profile – he came from a broken home, with a father who lived 100 miles away. Within a few months of joining the school, the pupil had chalked up 27 serious incidents, nine for violence. Adams was on the receiving end of the tenth.


It's very easy isn't it. Just get your unions to do something. I suggest that the best course of affairs is this

1) Report the violence to the police. If you keep it in school, you're just playing along with the system and opening yourself up for more abuse

2) Use the courts. I would suggest applying for a 500m exclusion zone from yourself as an injuction. Side effect is that the pupil is effectively excluded, but not expelled. Let the Local Authority sort it out in line with the law.


Laura said...

It reminds me to say once again "thank you Frank, for telling it like it is". I felt like you had written the book just for me, so I could give it to others to read and make them understand the things I had tried, and failed, to communicate.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Sickening, saddening, but not at all surprising. I'm so glad I don't live and work in the UK now.

I don't think I could ever go back, in fact. Maybe I'll try for Canada or New Zealand next.

Anonymous said...

Thus level of bad behaviour is only going to stop when pupils are made to be ever so slightly frightened of their teachers again.

I went to school in the very late 50s early 60s and what kept us in line was fear of the school masters. We weren't petrified of the teachers as people just of the punishments they could dish out if you misbehaved. I can still to this day remember how painful 10 of the best were and after that I vowed never to misbehave again.

We've had quite enough of putting the childs needs first and doing everything we can to pander to their needs and wants. It's the student's job to get in line with the teacher, not the other way around. Bring back corpral punishment and give adults the right to put kids in their place without the fear of being convicted for it, and I bet within 5 years the behaviour in schools will improve no end

Lilyofthefield said...

"While teachers have the powers to deal with bad behaviour....."


Caz said...

And now, the "powers that be" have given the kids yet another stick to beat us with - Boring teachers to be targeted by Ofsted.

You can hear it now, can't you?
"I'd be'ave better if you wuzn't such a borin' teacher!"