Thursday, September 18, 2008

Picking Up The Brass

In my new role as self appointed book reviewer for Monday Books, I have been chortling and sniggering my way through Eddy Nugent's autobiography 'Picking Up The Brass'

If you wore green in the 80s then this book will bring back many terrifying memories. It doesn't flinch from the horrors of the Shirt Scratchy, Cheese Possessed, and 58 Pattern Webbing whose only purpose was to burn a hole through your back.

If you didn't and the above is like a foreign language, then pretend it's Lifelong Learning and use the glossary of terms, helpfully provided at the back.

Either way, you will do lots of laughing at the buffoonery that is lovingly portrayed from the moment we join Eddy on his first day, clad in a comically ill fitting uniform; through a career which most certainly does not involve being sent behind enemy lines, flying a helicopter or joining the SAS. Any thoughts you may have had about the Army being made up solely of aggressive, macho killing machines will be laid gently to rest.

Oh I'd better warn you; there are a few naughty words here and there. Just cover them up like I did and read on.


Anonymous said...

Read it on my summer holidays. Its a great laugh and absolutely spot on. A real breath of fresh air from all the gung ho, massively exaggerated action books which seem to make up that genre.

Urban School Teacher said...

Mr Chalk- Speaking of books.... Curiousity finally got the better of me and I recently bought a copy of yours. I have enjoyed the 60-odd pages that I have read so far. I like how each chapter to date includes a different situation, around which you have built further details of opinions, routines and policies etc. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Urban School Teacher, you are definitely taking the piss, but I like your style!

Urban School Teacher said...

Anonymous- Why do you say that I am "definitely taking the piss"? In what way and for what reason?What is this opinion based on and whay are you so determined to tar me with that brush?