Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Christian The Lion

At Last! A Christian who doesn't get on your nerves.

I'm sure you've all seen him already, as I'm always well behind the times. He reminds me very much of my dog.

Don't do this though, as it might be dangerous.

Contact Law have now donated £20 to the Myelin Trust to say 'sorry' for spamming me. As I am easily bought, they can now be my friends.


Lilyofthefield said...

So heartwarming I think I'm going to throw up.
That lion was obviously only tasting them first.

AnneDroid said...

What a sweet video. I'm off to jail in an hour (employee not prisoner) but that will keep me glowing inside all day. On the other hand I'll also worry all day about whether I'm a Christian that gets on people's nerves.
The second video gives me vertigo just watching it so there's no danger I'll be trying it.
Glad you got an apology from the spammers.

Dave H. said...

Never thought Mr Chalk could be so sentimental about a Christian being thrown to the lions.

Re. the second, I've often wondered how much charity money could be raised by a sponsored free-fall parachute jump for MPs.

The idea is simple, your chosen MP would offer to free-fall say, one foot for every pound donated. I'm sure someone like Ed Balls could raise millions.