Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Contact Law

As you may have noticed, I got spammed today. A hundred and odd comments on assorted posts from a company called Contact Law

Now either they are so short of work that they are paying someone to enter the comments manually or they have found a way around Blogger's comment verification system.

Either way, it's a Declaration of War in my book. They clearly want my readers to get in touch, so let's not disappoint them. Their email is here, their phone number is 0800 1777 167 and their postal address is:

Contact Law,The Warehouse Office Suites
12 Ravensbury Terrace
London SW18 4RL

Now I can't say for certain that they would like to hear all about your last holiday, or any problems you may have had recently with self-assembly furniture; or even whether they can tell you how long a 1.5 Kg turkey should be kept in the oven for. I suspect that they may not be too interested in the unusual knocking noises coming from your boiler, but who am I to make presumptions?

Nor can I tell you whether or not they wish you to put a stamp on any letters that you send to them.


Snowolf said...

Perhaps also a communication to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, in my experience any mention of the word 'Redditch' sends most solicitors into a flustering panic.

However, never one to miss out on the zeitgeist, I can recommend a decent plumber in the Canterbury area, should anybody need one. I'm not on commission and won't post about it a hundred times though.

jack said...

Hi all,

I am here to post a sincere apology to all effected by the spamming, we have been paying another company to do our SEO and it seems they have decided to do this on a number of sites. We have instructed them to stop immediately, they wil no longer be spamming here or anywhere on the net.

Please except this apology from all here at Contact Law.

Jack Lott (Website Manager)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Contract Law will be making a donation to Frank Chalk's favourite charity.

Knowing what solicitors are like I won't hold my breath!


Lilyofthefield said...

Good grief, give the man some credit!

Anonymous said...

I suspect a genuine apology would actually be spelt correctly!

Anonymous said...

I note that their website is now putting the referers website address at the bottom of the page, so presumably they're monitoring the contact sources.
So I have typed words from their website into google to give them some interesting hits from Google.
My favourite is:
"contact 4,000 professionally negligent bankrupt solicitors to advise on gambling, food and liquor" for which google helpfully provides a link to the appropriate site.

A mouse.

Dave H. said...

These spammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. I mostly get spam offering Viagra, penis enlargement and hair loss remedies.

It's uncanny. How did they find out?

Anonymous said...

The registrant of the domain (james vintin) appears to be in breach of the terms and conditions of the domain, by declaring:

"The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service."
Clearly this is not the case.

Ho hum.

Meg said...

If you have GMail, you can get up a filter to have all the spam that comes into your inbox forwarded to this person's email address :) I'm just saying...

Lilyofthefield said...

Dave h - me too, and I'm a middle-aged woman!

jackquil said...

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Alice Thomas said...
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