Monday, June 23, 2008

Old Mugabe Had a Farm...Ee-Aye, Ee-Aye, Oh.

Today Boris Johnson will announce the winning piece of artwork to go on the famous 'empty' fourth plinth in a corner of Trafalgar Square. (When it was built in the 1840s it was supposed to carry a statue of King William the Fourth on horseback but they ran out of money and could never agree what to do with it.)

I can't wait to see if they go for my suggestion of sticking Robert Mugabe up there in a cage. I've always fancied myself as a bit of an artist.

Whilst we're on the topic of adults who can't behave, the first line in this BBC article says:

'Ed Balls has promised to tackle parents who refuse to accept that teachers have a right to discipline their children'

If you read the rest of the article you will see that he isn't planning on doing anything at all.


Dr Melvin T Gray said...

I draw attention to fraudulent postings on coppersblog by the author(s). A presently unknown proportion of postings are neither submitted by, or otherwise emanate from, serving police and members of the public. Inventions placed on the blog by the author(s) may be falsely credited to a specific sender. Alternatively, a genuine sender may find his/her views distorted or totally substituted by the blog author(s).

Citizens of the UK must never countenance dishonesty in police officers. Any reader with experience or personal knowledge of fabricated reports on the blog should email

Anonymous said...

Does anybody understand what that last comment by Melvin Gray is about?

Sarah Carter said...

melvin gray is a slightly odd poster who frequents the police blogs ranting about masons and claiming people are impersonating him. if indeed this is the real melvin? if indeed there actually is a melvin at all?

on topic - just another example of ed balls and labour trying to govern by spin and lies. glad you;re back frank, missed you!

Anonymous said...

So a unidentified number of posts may or may not be altered by people who are not serving police or members of the public??

Anonymous said...

Incompetence VS Spin -

Was just thinking how bored I have become with British politics, and then I thought would it be better to have some one incompetent who told the truth or a spin doctor who may be ok but you can never be sure that anything they say and do is actually true.

Anonymous said...

Melvin's a nutter

Anonymous said...


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staghounds said...

Could we sprinkle Bob with pigeon food? Or just put a bowl of it above his unroofed cage?

My favourite was the government arts person who defended the sculpture of the naked pregnant thalidomide victim because "There aren't any sculptures of handicapped people."

Except the hundred foot tall one right here in this square, towering above me...

Manish said...

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