Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kevin Brennan

In the ongoing contest to see which member of the Government can say the stupidest thing; let's have a look at Children's Minister Kevin Brennan's efforts. We'll start off with a couple of questions for those of you who are teachers:

Do you agree with this article where he says that 'Heads are using their powers to prevent bad behaviour'?

Do you agree with his next statement that 'the fall in permanent exclusions shows that heads are successfully "nipping problems in the bud"?

Or do you think that the fall in permanent exclusions shows that they rarely even try to throw out kids who have commited serious offences because the process is a bureaucratic nightmare, looks bad on their results and many Heads are completely spineless anyway?


Lilyofthefield said...

Last week one of Our Young People was excluded for two days for shoving his hand up a girl's skirt and getting a good feel before she trre his head off and fed it to the seagulls.

I learned today that he is on the Sex Offenders' Register. None of the regular teaching staff were told.

I'm glad that our cast of overpaid assistant heads/managers/directors etc etc are cutting down the number of exclusions by excluding known (to them) sex offenders for a sexual offence for Big Two Days. Still, I expect they gave him a Really Hard Understanding Chat when he got back.

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Jane Smith said...

Oh, look. A very interesting comment from Contact Law, which isn't off-topic at all. I shall phone them immediately on the freephone number that Mr Chalk has so kindly provided, which Contact Law pays for. What fun!

Right. Onto business.

The head teacher at the school where my sister works is reluctant to exclude any children at all, no matter what they do, as there's a financial penalty for doing so. And the school is already horribly underfunded.

This is a school which considers it a quiet week if they only have one pupil arrested whilst on school premises. Apparently it's doing well. I can't see it myself.