Saturday, June 21, 2008

Handy Hints

Here's a couple of useful tips for those of you who are teachers:

1) Watch out for hypnotists on your way to school.
2)Don't go branding any of your pupils, as you might get into trouble.

Finally, here's a success story for a Norwich school (although not the one the report writer attended. Did the kids really 'pour' anything on the Guinness Book in paragraph four)

Sorry it's only a short post but I've got to go and sit behind the wheel of my tanker for a few hours stuffing myself with Yorkie Bars.


Ben said...

From the final link:

I like how "maths and science week" is used as an excuse to read the Guiness Book of Records and stretch a choclate bar as far as possible. Not exactly reading Principia is it...

fatgit said...

Absolutely, Ben, I was coming to the same conclusion, but it's so easy to just accept this b******t as normal, it tends to pass under the bullshit "radar" a lot of the time.

Anonymous said...


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