Sunday, March 02, 2008

Night Nurse

Terrible news today that nine out of ten nurses wouldn't even consider having an affair with one of their patients.

The prospect of a hospital stay terrifies me and I would never expect to get out of one alive. Uncleaned wards full of nasty medicine-resistant bugs. You can't drink and by all accounts the food is disgusting. The only thing that would stop me committing immediate hara-kiri would be the prospect of non-stop, Red Hot Nurse Action.

Now it appears that even this will be denied me. I shall quietly expire at home instead.


nuttycow said...

I know that post shouldn't have made me giggle. But it did. Loudly. And now everyone at work is looking at me. And it's all your fault.

Mousie said...

And on top of all that, if the C. Diff. and MRSA don't get you, the psychopathic male staff nurses will...

Let me know if you ever need a house call for your man flu... ;o)

Anonymous said...

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