Thursday, April 26, 2007

Angela Mason

Angela Mason has made the fatal mistake of drawing attention to major problems rather than ignoring them. She must therefore be punished.

Long Live The GTC!

(Incidently the GTC, like the TES 'felt that they could not support' our petition for a bit of school discipline earlier this year)


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I think what Angela Mason did was right. People should stop complaining about human rights being stepped on, if the little hooligans can behave like that, then I'm sorry but they don't deserve any rights until they start to treat others with respect!

The reason Ms Mason is being treated like this is because she has refused to swallow the government rubbish and has actually done something to challenge the official position. Good on her I say, as the only way you ever get anything to change is by being radical in the first place. Another big problem with this, and indeed many countries, is that we have allowed ourselves to become increasingly apathetic to what is really going on around us.

As I keep on mentioning, the only way we are going to stop the problem of bad behaviour in schools is to stop pandering to the wishes of children and stop giving them so many adult priviliges, rights and expectations. How many times does it need saying? We are the adults, they are the children and whether they like it or not, until they reach 18 they should be thought of as children. They need putting back in their place and taught, like our grandparents were, that young people do not challenge their elders, they simply do as they are told.

Don't give me the excuse that times have changed because that is simply acting as an apology for the bad behaviour. Nor would it stiffle their maturity into adulthood, or mentally scar them. Again look back at the example of your parents and granparents who grew up prior to 1960 and were raised on very strict discipline; when they reached adulthood, were they mentally scared or stiffled, no they weren't.

Again, as I have mentioned earlier we have had over 20 years to show us that the shoftly softly apprach to discipline doesn't (in the majority of cases) work. I'm sorry but children and young people in their formative years need ruling with a rod of iron.

For those of you who think otherwise, ask yourself whether we had the levels of bad behaviour and disrespect 40 plus years ago that we have today. The answer is yes there were (and always will be) unruly pupils, but not on such a scale and intensity.


lilyofthefield said...

Would this be a fortuitous time to delete the photo I took on my mobile phone of a boy whose name I did not know who invited me to suck his balls in response to being asked to move along to his lesson? I thought it might help to identify the little scrote but I fear the GTC will not see it like that.

Marcusa said...

My wife is a teacher. As I said to her how did the teaching unions agree to a government appointed organisation to control them. Turkeys voting for Christmas comes to mind.