Monday, April 02, 2007

Alan's Quote

Alan Johnson today:

'Ofsted has done a report on behaviour in schools and it states that in the vast majority of schools behaviour is good.'

I'd say that the vast majority of kids are pretty good, but the problem is that those who aren't know that they can do whatever they like.

Here's a bit from the Observer you might be interested in.,,2047510,00.html

ps The ATL Annual Conference starts today so there's bound to be something funny to post by the end of the week.


Sandy said...

Well, you can't really disagree with that statement, can you. It's glaringly obvious that in the majority of the nation's schools, the majority of the kids (and the teachers?) are good.

But it's a bit like saying the majority of the people in the country are well - it doesn't really do much for those who are sick or dying, does it?

If we follow the implied logic here, then if the majority of Britain's kids / schools are good, we should not bother doing much about those that are plainly not. Which is nuts - just apply it to the health analogy. If most of us are OK, let's ignore the unwell.

But you wouldn't expect this government to be too sharp on Critical Thinking, would you?

jerym said...

Have just read the Nick Cohen article in the observer what an astonishing collection of answers.---------"Never mind the message lets kill the the messenger".Those arseholes can`t be real or do I come.from another planet?