Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Petition (2)

Thanks for your comments, I'll go with Peter's version:

'To publicly acknowledge that there is a massive discipline problem in many State Schools and to give teachers and Headteachers the necessary powers to enforce discipline and to deal effectively with problem pupils and their parents.'

I'll try and get this on the petition site today. As several posters have pointed out, there's no guarantee that anybody will take the slightest notice of our efforts. However this is never an excuse for inaction so let's just do it anyway.

'Anonymous' came a close second with a proposal to make naughty children into dog food.

Stop Press: After sending off my petition and not receiving the necessary confirmation email (No idea why you should need one) I've just read the bit on the side of the site which explains that it doesn't work with Hotmail. My petition has now vanished off their site. This sums up the Government far better than my petition did.

Will try to set up a new email address later when my temper cools.

Stop Press 2: Have sent off petition again and it is 'awaiting approval'

Will let you know when we can all go and sign it


Anonymous said...

I'd go with the dog food petition...

Anonymous said...

One could only hope the bloody government do something, my fiancee is now facing angry parents as I type for excluding (or picking on) their child who has abused her verbally. All under the guised of "he has anger management issue", tell you what, I am very angry right now and I am having a hard time managing it!! Turn him into dog food is what I say.

Stegbeetle said...

I don't use Hotmail. Would you like me to post the petition to save you the bother of setting up a new account? Or I can let you have a "googlemail" invite if you like...

Bill Sticker said...


Have sent you a Googlemail onvitation. Think of it as my contribution to your cause.

Good luck with the petition. I'm with the dogfood faction.



Anonymous said...

When I sent one of these, the confirmation reply went into my spam-bucket, so check yours.

It IS a good idea to do a confirmation, otherwise even worse rubbish would end up there than what there is already.

btw in the case of your petition, think carefully about the wording, and remember how good NuLab are at twisting small-print to their advantage. They will say you ALREADY have the necessary powers, and in their eyes, you do: the necessary powers consist of requesting the bureaucrats to remove a certain ned from your class. They consider the matter - and refuse. But you have the power to ask. Q.E.D.

alanorei said...

"I'd go with the dog food petition..."

See? Already we're getting more ideas!

(Some of you folk must have been watching Soya Green.)

Press on, FC. We await developments with interest.

"Free education is a privilege, not a right."

Good one, YDKM. Create a quotations corner on your blog and add it there.

It should be up there with another one that puts me in mind of "Old Jack," the Arnhem veteran that Mr Chalk describes.

"If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read it in English, thank a soldier."

Best regards to all those of you who soldier on in the classrooms of today.

lilyofthefield said...

Sorry, Mr Chalk, but I'm with the dogfood too. Pal, Chappie, Frolic and Chum don't seem quite appropriate as brands......

youdontknowme said...

I would have went with my suggestion and said that unruly school pupils will lose free education and their parents be made to pay for it if they want it.

Stevo Ferrari aka anonymous said...

Thanks for the support on the on the dog food idea. I believe it's a good plan because it's direct and cannot have it's wording pushed around by bureaucrats. "Teachers should have the power to turn persistently awful children into dog food, so as to serve society rather than be a burden upon it."
As Rover, Fido et al tuck into New Improved Pedigree Chump, crime levels will also drop. Everyone's a winner. I guess you could argue that the brat or their parents aren't but if you look at the big picture, it's clear that these little turds only bring pain to themselves and others so you're actually doing them a favour by putting them out of their misery!

Peter said...

Why dog food? There's good eatin' in them kids.

lilyofthefield said...

Tons and tons of crisps, McDonald's, Coca Cola, KitKat, White Lightning and Iceland pizza have gone into every pound of meat.

Mark Jones said...

Are you nuts!The,'D',word,(discipline),has been permanently expunged from the English lexigon.If you ever uttered this word in what passes for polite society these days you would be recommended for a re-education programme as funded by the great British tax payer.