Monday, October 02, 2006

Student Houses in Sheffield

Finding a decent Student House can be an absolute nightmare. Landlords can be difficult to deal with and slow to get things fixed.

Steve Pope Properties are a breath of fresh air for any student looking for a property in Sheffield. Clean, well maintained houses in Crookes which are close to the University. He lives locally and is very friendly and efficient. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Click on the link above to view his website and arrange a viewing


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I didn't think there was much wrong with your letter personally, don't be too hard on yourself.

eleanor said...

Hi, I am a fan of your blog, and I thought you might be interested in reading about the human givens approach (I am not denying this is a shameless plug! I work for the college that teaches the approach from a theraputic perspective, and we've just set up our own 'company blog') which is very relevant in the area of practically improving the education system from a basic set of organising ideas - I will lay down some links at your feet and see what you think -

if you have a chance to read them...


AC said...

Mumbo-jumbo wrapped up in a very thin veneer of science. The dead giveaway common to all such quackery: 'they didn't believe X when he first did (insert genuinely ground breaking idea), but look how his idea changed the world!'
This is exactly the type of tosh we are forced to sit through during INSETs. Our SMT team, each of whom educated beyond their own intelligence, and with minds so open that utter tosh and genuinely worthwhile ideas are indistinguishable, will love it.

I predict that you will be very successful and can look forward to a career earning two to three times my salary.


Maureen said...

AC, was your comment meant to be under a different post? I've read it twice but still don't get it.

maureen said...

Sorry AC, I've just realised- you're talking about Eleanor's human gibbons thing.

I clicked on the links and what a load of tosh. Anything that mentions Psychology early on usually is.

eleanor said...

AC - I agree with you that teachers are wildly underpaid, if this is what you are implying, and I can also understand how you are sick of/sensitive about seemingly self styled 'experts' constantly telling you how to do your job and blaming your methods for societies children - it is by all accounts, a rotten job in many respects but of course someones got to do it - and I admire the resolve and passion of those who do.

I'm still getting used to the world of blogging and comments and I now appreciate that promoting our ideas in the fashion I did comes across as preachy and faintly nauseating and I will bear this in mind in future. I only left the comment because I genuinely think that anyone involved in education should at least be aware of the human 'gibbons' approach, which undoubtably *is* working within many different schools already. However, I also appreciate that as always, you will never be able to please everyone.

Maureen - I have looked and looked but I fail to see anything in your comment except kneejerk reactionism so I can't really reply back to you..

Tom D said...

That human Givens page is just a load of long words that don't mean anything. It's a bit like a statement from SMT

It reminds me of the spoof article sent to a Philosophy journal several years back that was peppered with random jargon and was nevertheless accepted much to the perpetrators delight.

In fact thinking about it, is it actually a spoof?

AC said...

tom d: I have the book, written by the author and his collaborator; see -

Excellent and enlightening.

Eleanor - I think you have missed my 'implication'. Whilst the links you provide certainly include some 'common-sense' ideas (and who doesn't like to be told what they already think they know?) but also claims which are poorly explained and come across as having the intellectual standing of homeopathy or some such similar 'quackery'.

I may be wrong, Eleanor, but I have found that genuinely useful ideas can be summarised in very few words and further explanation of those words retains logical self-consistency, whilst elucidating the original claim(s) (e.g. by providing statistically valid evidence) without further muddying the waters. I have also found that debating such claims tends to be a waste of time, as the necessary evidence is never produced.


eleanor said...

"It should almost be a crime to be aware of what goes on in many schools nowadays and not try to do anything about it" - at least we're not criminals ay?

My uncle is a millionaire with a huge house and a swimming pool he doesn't use and he's the most miserable loathesome person I've ever met because of it - money isn't everything..!

Which is a good attitude for me to have, considering as I have absolutely none.

Anonymous said...

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