Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cuts, Not here mate.

Whilst enjoying a moment's downtime from the arduous daily grind of running Chalk Investments' European Division, I was startled by a knock on the front door.

I presumed that the man outside was selling something, which from his opening line of "Are you familiar with solar panels?" appeared to be the case. However he then produced a Council ID card and explained that he 'was going round giving out information to help people make an informed choice about the various options available, as apparently some electricity companies are offering to put panels on your roof for free, but that's not always the best long term option blah...'

My eyes glazed over before he could move on to his pile of information booklets. We get speleologists coming to explore the potholes in our road and sacks of garden waste block the pavements because Scagton Council gave out tens of thousands but then decided to stop collecting them without telling anyone. However they can pay some clown to wander round talking to people about solar panels. I wouldn't mind if the Council set up a business selling the damn things, but no, that would be a silly idea.

Can anyone's Council be madder than mine?


Anonymous said...


jaljen said...

I am very proud of mine. We are the borough who is going to be using the heat from the crem to heat the new swimming pool.

Good on 'em!

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Anonymous said...

I work for a council and yes the waste is amazing,
3 line managers who dont/wont communicate! that is what I have!

Jasper said...

Blimey. That IS a waste of money. AND I work for a council, so I know a little of what I bark. Of course, had I been in your place, I might have been tempted to respond to the query "Are you familiar with solar panels?" with "No, thank you, my good man. My wife and I are perfectly happy with our bedroom-based intimacy." and then sent the wastrel on his way.

But perhaps the hapless fellow is a close relative of one of the Council's Chief Executives and therefore has a 'protected role in frontline services'.


Jasper. x

Anonymous said...

It's never the wasters that get cut first.Anyone with the word diversity,partnership or climate change in their job title should be kicked out first.Not front line staff in essential services.The trouble is that the councils are trying to make a point to the government by getting rid of the wrong staff.

The Defence Brief said...

My council spent hundreds of thousands of pounds introducing new emissions based parking for local residents and in their public car parks.

So in public car parks you have the senario of people looking perplexed at the huge prices signs wondering if their car emits 224 or 225 grams of whatever it is per something or other.

You also got the stupid situation of the green policy causing residents to chose to drive to work rather than leave them at home as it was cheaper than paying the new parking charges.

Then even stupider at the last election the councillors actually bothered standing for re-election. Almost all of them were thrown out and they had the cheek to write to the papers complainaing about foolish voters!!