Tuesday, May 25, 2010

White Pointy Hats

I've pinned this article to my classroom wall to remind me of the possible consequences of encouraging the children to dress up as the Ku Klux Klan. No way will I repeat the mistake of last year, when my form goose stepped into School Assembly all dressed in Nazi uniforms for the German exchange visit..


K`Tetch said...

I moved out to Georgia a few years ago, after growing up in liverpool. It really is quite amazing the double-standards and dependency in certain areas. We Scousers have been accused of it from time to time, but we've got nothing on certain sectors of the Georgia population.
http://www.thomastontimes.com/printer_friendly/1678541 for instance. I was living there at the time and let's just say, the problem wasn't the over-active cops, but that most of them are white, and that they - like me - didn't appreciate fillings being rattled from our heads by 'da bass'.

Some very good friends are middle school (11-14yo) teachers there, and they won't even live in the county, and would rather commute 30 miles each way. the issue though is that the teachers are told what they can and can't teach. history (sorry, 'social studies') only focuses on the last 300 years, and only on the 'US', so they have no clue who Francois de Grasse is for instance.

All in all, the reaction is about typical for Georgia, alas. Ignorance par excellence!

Lilyofthefield said...

The Lumpkin County High School – hahahaharrrrrr snigger! Lumpkin! But if that isn't hilarious enough,
"Students approached him and asked if they can re-enact the lynching of him for their class project."
Oh dear!

Dack said...

*hastily redrafts lesson plan on Korean cuisine practical*

K`Tetch said...

Lily - it could be worse...

I'm just east of 'Butts' county, and there's Bacon county, Coffee county and a few mostly unpronounceable long Indian named ones. And these county names go on the bottom of your number plate.