Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Most Government spending is about as efficient as burning giant piles of ten pound notes to keep warm on a winter's night, but unfortunately the people who get to decide where to make the cuts tend to be the ones whose own jobs should be got rid of first.

Anyway, here's a top tip: get a list of everyone who works in the Public Sector and send a P45 to all those whose job description contains one or more of the following words:

Co ordinator
Liason (I mean 'Liaison'- sorry my spelling is getting worse)
Best Practice

There are probably a few people who have all those words in their job descriptions. Just put them up against the wall...


Shackleford Hurtmore said...

"Unfortunately the people who get to decide where to make the cuts tend to be the ones whose own jobs should be got rid of first." That is the most succinct description of the problem I've ever read. Thanks for that. You should write a book on Organisational Theory. If you can keep each chapter that short it would be 10 pages long and win a Nobel Prize.

Jobbing Doctor said...

How about a couple of current favourites in the health care sector:

anything with "champion" or "Czar" in title.

Or even Secretary of State in the title???

Conor said...

Sacking anyone who can't spell "liaison" would produce a useful saving too. :)

Anonymous said...

"Baby" & "Bathwater" come to mind, Frank.


Dack said...

You forgot 'inclusion', Frank.

Dack said...

And counsellor.

Anonymous said...

Or anybody who thinks that the words "work", "worked" or "working" should always be followed by "with".

Andy said...

Fully agree, but my "Community Development Co-Ordinator" girlfriend takes issue...!

Who thinks of these things?!

Andy said...

I am a qualified teacher who is currently an education WELFARE officer in a public sector job. Through no fault of my own, I am described as the education SPECIALIST worker within a Youth Offending Team. My role is enshrined in law and I work hard to ensure that young people who have offended for whatever reason are given SUPPORT to address their BEHAVIOUR in order to be INCLUDED in mainstream or alternative education. This is a difficult, but I believe, worthwhile occupation in attempting to stop them from creating new victims of crime through re-offending. If you put me up against the wall or issue my p45, who will take responsibility for marginalised young people who have fallen foul of the law. Probably not their feckless parents, and it seems from your post, their teacher.