Thursday, January 07, 2010

Run for your lives

As mass panic sets in across Britain, the traditional debates have begun in earnest:

Do Heads just close their schools for a laugh?

Are teachers just lazy shysters who should be flogged in the street because they can't be bothered to
go to work?

Why can't prisoners in chain gangs be made to clear the roads of snow with their bare hands whilst wearing a vest and shorts?

(Ok that last one was just my own idea)

Anyway this is a short post as I have to nip out to buy an axe.


Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Sadly I think you will find that large numbers of people believe the answers to the first two questions are in the affirmative.

Anonymous said...

If the choice had been mine, our school would have been closed all week. But it wasn't, it was bloody open, with a handful of kids and a bunch of grumpy teachers who'd spent two hours getting in for some advanced DVD putting-on.

CFM said...

I would imagine it's a difficult decision to close a school. With so many parents working it's hard to organise some supervision for your children if their school is closed.

The parents who care about school don't want us to close and the ones who use us a babysitting service don't care so it's probably goos to stay open for the kids who do come in. You never know, you might get some wuality teaching time in.

Anonymous said...

On Monday, in my school, the weather was brilliant. No snow. but the ground was a wee bit slippery. ALL children were kept inside for lunch break.
Oh, how I felt for them! When I was young, we were out there, sliding, enjoying it, and, yes, there was the odd broken wrist, leg, foot, fall, hurt, bruise risk, no fun. It sems these days, if a child is in the slightest "danger" of bruising their precious body, they're shut indoors and put in front of some kind of screen...sadly.

Cold Sake said...

Love. Your. Humour.

(Notice how I spell Humour with a 'u')

Anonymous said...

they do have cons digging show away from pavements down in winchester.
John Gibson

Metcountymonkey said...

Yipee Yay Ay Mother f*ckers!!!!!

I'm a "Hero", I am

Rob F said...

Vest and shorts?!?

I'd have them wearing just adult nappies. It'd embarrass them (no-one ever looked cool in a nappy), AND cut out the need for toilet breaks.

Are you a bleedin' heart liberal, by any chance?

Anonymous said...

oh, I think the gov are just saving money (heating schools, built in the fifties, with zero double glazing,,,expensive) .
TESCO's is open. So is MFI and so are many, many other shops. Why can't schools be open? Because it's cheaper to shut them. Cheaper than heating them.....Anyway, those unlucky students who have to sit exams are "urged" to come to school somehow, even if they have to spend the night with friends nearby(if they live removed) and to dress up warm because the exam rooms are chily. HALLO???????????
children are sitting crucial exams. Heat the bl**dy places. I ws told that my daughter' s school ws lovely and clean at the front where the teachers get in, all gritted and the snow cleared, but at the back, where the school buses arrive with the children, not a grain of sand in sight, And very slippery. This isn't about "can't open schools"W, in my opinion this is "too expensive to heat them".

GAS said...

For most parts of the country which rarely see snow, let alone enough to build a snowman, the children will have better memories of the snow than sitting in a half empty, gloomy room looking out at the snow.

Anonymous said...

We must be in a time loop if MFI are open!

English Pensioner said...

Of course, school heads and local councils were advised by all the experts that global warming is happening, one professor said that people of this country were unlikely to see snow again in his lifetime (has he died?).
So why plan for something which you have been assured is never going to happen?