Monday, March 09, 2009


The unarguable fact that the gap between Comprehensive and Private Education has widened in the last ten years makes the slogan 'Education, Education, Education' seem very hollow indeed.

Parents, pupils and schools all play a part in this; but not to worry, the Department for Children, Schools and Families have decided that:

"Our policies are working and the gap between rich and poor is closing."

You just can't respond to that.


crowlord said...

the gap hasn't been this wide for years. We will soon be back to feudal society!

Fiz said...

If the money my father-in-law left for their education had not been hit by the rapid increase in school fees, neither of my daughters would have gone to any of the three schools they went to. We have one of those unbelievably stupid triple tier systems round here. The first was the local church school and it was lovely, just like a family. The second was incredibly awful and I'm glad I didn't have another child to go through it because it was falling apart in the last year my youngest daughter was there and their final school - my eldest has ADHD and no-one ever thought it actually meant anything and their pastoral symstem was non-existant. I used to beg them to let me know if there was a problem before things had got too bad, but they never did. She'd have done much better at a private school. My youngest fits in and it's alright for her (she leaves next term anyway) and I'm glad we will be done with state education - it was a disaster for my eldest and since the "literacy hour" was brought in, her infant teacher was no longer allowed to give them 10 spellings a week and to use correctly the words in sentences. Consequentally, my eldest can spell perfectly and my youngest, victim of the "literacy hour", can't spell to save her life - so ironic.

Lilyofthefield said...

I can respond to it - it's bollocks.

Chris said...

"You just can't respond to that."

Of course you can. The phrases 'not fit for purpose', 'egregious institutional incompetence', and 'a hazard to the national weal' would all apply. Along with demands for resignations across the board.

Lilyofthefield said...

Yeh thasswot I said innit.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Indeed one can respond to it. In fact, the quote was incomplete. The full version runs something like this:

"Our policies are working, and the gap between rich and poor is closing ... many doors on the poor buggers who find themselves at one the thousands of duff comps in this country."

Or something like that!

Anonymous said...

Our little girl is due to start school this year and neither of us are at all impressed with the state education sytem.

My wife therefore solicited the opinion of several teachers she knows on the merits of 'going private'. All without exception urged us to do so, one even virtually begged her to send our daughter to an independent school.

What does this tell us about the state of the education system in this now godforsaken country

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Truely a bitter reality..

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