Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Petition Response 2

I only got to the end of the second paragraph last time so let's have a look at the rest of the Government dogsbody's response to my petition.

Paragraph 3: We have already scoffed at the negligible number of parents taken action against compared with the number of truants. The rest of the paragraph neatly demonstrates just how many obstacles are put in the way of any action. (It also assumes that the Local Authority will have the slightest interest in getting involved which they rarely do.) The greatest sanction is that the parent might be asked to attend a 'parenting program'. (With no penalty if they don't).

Well that will certainly sort them out!

Paragraph 4: I don't want disruptive pupils in mainstream schools. I want them thrown out and taught in secure units, preferably underground.

Paragraph 5: All schools do indeed have a discipline policy. Unfortunately the children can ignore it with impunity.

Well that's what I think of their response. If I was marking it for a 'dodge the issue' competition, I'd give it an 'A'


lilyofthefield said...

Still spluttering.

Anonymous said...

Is this what we are up against? I copied this from a BBC website where this message was left:

Emily in norfolk
went 2 bude in middle of july 2005 for a skewl trip i met loadza ppl n loadza kewl instructors espesh jemma se was th best instructor eva n we shuda bin superteam n se knows it i loved all th instructors n i dint want to leave i jus wished th weather could of bin better bt the weather was alright n i got th bottle award on the last night i never wnted 2 leave bude,th centre or th instructors missin u jemma x o and the BSX girls rule x x

says it all!

Anonymous said...

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