Tuesday, September 05, 2006


One thing I love doing whilst on holiday is spotting souvenirs that have no connection whatsoever with the town they are in. This year's tally include the following:

A statue of a Red Indian on his horse, brandishing an axe. (Courmayeur, Italy)

A model of a lighthouse, with a proper flashing light (also in Courmayeur, at least 250 miles from the Sea)

A beautufully made, balsa wood giraffe. (Lake Maggiore, Italy.)

Do let me know if you think you can beat any of these.


kev, geog teacher said...

do you mean 'beautifully' frank?
your editors at monday books must have done a good job with your spelling (great book by the way)

Syb said...

A battery operated black plastic miniature grand piano which doubled as an alarm, playing tinny classical ditties whilst it's keys moved up and down (Amsterdam). I purchased it to win a tacky gift competition against my parents, who exacted their revenge a year later with a set of wine glasses, which were set not on top of stems, but on metal miniature roadwork vehicles (digger, bulldozer etc). (Paris)

Anonymous said...

Syb, I have to say those plant themed wine glasses sound cool. Anywhere I can see a pic?

syb said...

Well to my shame, I still do have the glasses. I think they're in a box in the loft, so if/when I come across them, I'll take a pic - just don't expect one in the next few days!

The Moai said...

A sombrero. In Sri Lanka.

James said...

How about a small mountain of London-themed miscellaneous shite in small shops in York and Edinburgh?