Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coursework Capers

Normally if a child hands in coursework that is worth a 'D' grade, then that pupil is told how to improve it, the work is returned to them and they bring back a new improved version in a couple of weeks time. (Note that this extra help is only for the 'D' grade children because they are the ones that matter.)

As the deadline to send off the marks to the exam board draws near however, panic sets in amongst the staff, as there will always be a few lazy pupils who haven't redone their work.

A novel approach was explained to me last week by a friend whose department simply reports all the 'D's to the exam board as 'C's and only bothers getting the kids to improve their work in the unlikely event that the exam board select one of the inflated pieces of coursework to be sent off for checking.

Everyone's a winner. The teachers don't have to chase as many kids, the department gets more Grade 'C's and the school's exam results go up. I don't know why the practice isn't more widespread.

Oh hang on, it is.


Anonymous said...

I think it might be !


Anonymous said...

My niece's school provided a "scaffold" for English essays that resulted in the whole class, apart from the solid A&B students, having one of five identical essays. When the moderator's sample list arrived, if too many similar pieces were asked for, they became mysteriously unavailable, and the next one on the list sent instead.
There's no rigour in this process, no questions asked, no communication.

Anonymous said...

If you dislike what you do so much.... then why not resign?

Chuck it in and go out and do something else?

Why waste these very few productive years afforded to any man, by being unhappy and resentful.

Think "teacher", is is too
late for you man? Has it reached that critical turning point for you, as for most of the sheep, where the hope in the future has become the wreckage of the past?

Anonymous said...

I did. And over that very issue.