Monday, April 22, 2013

Football and School

Footballer Luis Suarez bites an opponent in 2010, blames it on jet lag and is suspended for a few matches. No fine or sacking. In 2013, he does it again. This time he is fined a trivial amount and sent to 'Anger Management' classes.

At school, Jayden from Year 9 swears at a teacher and is sent to the Head of Year. He apologises, blames it on his teacher Mr Jones 'winding him up' and is given no more than a mild telling off. Three weeks later he does it again and is given another talking to. Have a wild guess at what he does next term?

We bring it upon ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more having been told to F***O** and called a 'S***' for asking a boy to turn around and do some work the other day. I received little support and I'm a student teacher - the pupil is now allowed to avoid my lessons. Funnily enough he is behaving in a similar way during other lessons now because - I would suggest - he might quite like not being in lessons.

Kevin Taylor said...

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