Monday, January 09, 2012

Thousands of pounds for Laptops

So schools are being charged thousands of pounds for laptops by rogue companies according to this article. I can't say I'm surprised, as con men will always look for an easy target. It does show the unforeseen dangers of giving schools more autonomy and moving them from under the LEA's protective umbrella and into the nasty real World.

You might think that whoever was in charge of procurement would bother to read the small print and perhaps show the contract to a solicitor if they didn't understand it.

What? You wouldn't think they would do that at all. Oh, ok then.

All readers should check to see if their local school has fallen victim to these disgraceful opportunistic companies who prey on the innocent. If they haven't, could you please forward their contact details to Chalk Enterprises' newly formed Laptop Leasing Department immediately.


Tom Paine said...

"It does show the unforeseen dangers of giving schools more autonomy and moving them from under the LEA's protective umbrella and into the nasty real World."

It rather shows once again the wisdom of Milton Friedman's analysis of the four different types of spending. You will recall that the fourth category - spending someone else's money on someone else - produces least value for greatest cost.

I can't believe you actually think of any local authority body as "protective" when all their spending is fourth category.

Kimpatsu said...

@Tom Paine
Because Friedman is wrong. The practical evidence shows otherwise; LEAs get better value for money than individual schools. The real world is sobering, yes?

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Bystander said...

Half a dozen year ago the Courts' Service was paying £3600 for a laptop,plus £800 p.a for maintenance.

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