Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Apprentice

Along with the Tour de France coverage, The Apprentice is about the only telly I watch at the moment. Was Sugar right to chuck out Natasha last night or should Jim have gone for messing up the project he led?

Why didn't they ridicule the Pie Group a bit more for thinking Christopher Columbus was British?


paulsc said...

Jim showed that he has the blag but not the nouse last night. Presumably the prices for their products were produced out of thin air? He definitely should have gone IMO.
As for the Columbus issue, I think we should conclude that the great and good of the fast food world all failed history O-level/GCSE.

Benedict White said...

Er.. Natasha is the only PM of a winning team lucky not to get sacked (last week) so it's hardly surprising she got it this week.

As for Jim, unlike the other time, he was working on his own. The other team had two in it, he had one (himself) and had to babysit.

As for Columbus Etc. that's down to you Frank, lousy educashun :) said...

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