Monday, May 23, 2011

End of the World

Tens of thousands of people living in one of the World's most primitive countries must have been slightly confused yesterday when Rev Harold Camping's promised Global Armageddon did not arrive.

I suppose at first you'd be delighted to have survived the End of the World, but if you had entrusted your bank details, credit cards and PIN numbers with his church for safe transit into the Promised Land, then you might be slightly annoyed.

I've given him a call offering to help check his sums because it's all to easy to make a mistake when you are calculating Global Catastrophe. (As poor Harold realised on September 6th 1994 when he also predicted that it was curtains for us all).

You have to admire his cheek, building a career as an End of World predictor.


Conor said...

He has made a brief statement with another promised shortly.
“Give me a day, no interviews at all today. Sorry. You know this is a big deal, big deal, and I've got to live with it and I've got to think it out. So no interview,” said Camping, who looked tired and dazed.

Benedict White said...

Perhaps he should read Matthew chapter 25, and realise that Jesus said we would not know when it was, so unless he thinks he is closer to God that that, perhaps he should just stfu.

That said, very funny take!

Hideki said...

Hrm, has my doppelgänger gone?

As for the adults with imaginary friends predicting the end of the world again, it's all getting a bit samey really... Though do see this almost safe for work (single four letter word) video for one take on it actually happening:

Anonymous said...

Things could be worse.

After all, it's not as if it's the end of the world.

Lilyofthefield said...

Have some frigging understanding, people. He got the month wrong, right? We're all human, that's why we're all DOOOOOOOOMED in October.