Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I'm not religious at all, but when I think of some of the utter buffoons that are happily doing Supply teaching up and down the country, it seems a bit mad to throw out poor Olive just because she offered to say a few prayers for a sick child and maybe went on a bit about miracles.

I wouldn't have sacked her even if she was practising voodoo, chanting incantations and throwing bones up into the air whilst dancing starkers around a fire. I'd only get rid of her if she was rubbish at teaching, was always off and couldn't make the kids behave. Oh sorry, that's a daft idea.

Anyway, she's been allowed back now


Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

"if she was rubbish at teaching, was always off and couldn't make the kids behave"

No! No! No! Service in the public sector is not about producing anything useful, it is all about having the correct opinions.

Anonymous said...

Godd for Olive.

Though why oh why did I just know she'd look like this:


Even down to sporting a couple of walking poles.

Anonymous said...

'Good for...' of course, sorry. A typo (unless it's a sign...)

English Pensioner said...

As son as I read read Weston super Mare, I wasn't surprised.
My sister used to teach in that area (7-11 yr olds) and taught in a detached 2 classroom building. The other teacher was always late, so my sister had to spend the first half-hour keeping an eye on the other class. The excuse was that the other woman had to get her two children off to school; my sister who lived further away and had three children managed OK.
In the end my sister lodged a complaint which for some reason went to the Education Office. Guess what! My sister was accused of being a trouble maker and should accept the situation. One day my sister was late because her car wouldn't start and there was no teacher for a while until someone heard the riot from across the street. My sister was blamed for being uncooperative and in due course resigned and became a supply teacher!
So reading of other stupid decisions at Weston-super Mare came as no surprise!

Lilyofthefield said...

"I'd only get rid of her if she was rubbish at teaching, was always off and couldn't make the kids behave."

That's why you'll never make HT.

Maturecheese said...
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Maturecheese said...

Just who the hell are these sad individuals that get 'offended' by somebody offering to pray for them. Mores the point, why does anybody take any notice of them. Every time I hear of an incident like this I despair as it's just another nail in the coffin of common sense.

I deleted my last post due to poor grammar, sorry.