Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bede Academy

In Bede Academy they want to chuck out the hell raisers who allow their mothers to park incorrectly, whereas everywhere I've taught, you pretty much had to murder the headmaster before being asked to leave. (Then you appealed to the School Governors and were let back in with another final warning)

I reckon they would struggle over the legality of this punitive parking policy, but it's good publicity for them without a doubt. See if you can get your school to announce something similarly draconian; maybe a detention if your father is late submitting his tax return or an essay if granddad is seen watering his shallots during a hosepipe ban? Next time there is a parents evening, go out into the car park with a torch and check everybody's tax disc.

(I've cut down on the amount of capital letters I use in this blog after a couple of recent complaints. I you'd prefer some more, just say. I only want to please.)


Anonymous said...

Doesn't work legally. No child can be expelled because of their parents' parking habits. Ridiculous.
Theymight "ask a child to be educatd elsewhere" but that is not legally significant.

jerym said...

Bit of a bluff probably but might make them think about it.
When I deliver and collect my grandchildren its easy to park so long as you are prepared to walk a couple of hundred yards but some of the fat lazy buggers would park in the school yard if the gate was wide enough.

Anonymous said...

The "ones who would park in the school yard" are the ones who this is aimed at.

Unfortunately they are the same ones who will take not one jot of notice.

Radical solution: if it really is an enforcable law, why not get it enforced? Properly. By the right organisation. Not just a "civil enforcement officer" lurking behind a bush once in a blue moon.