Monday, August 25, 2008

Ping Pong's Coming Home

Well the Olympics are over and if they achieve just one thing, then I would hope that it is to show the sofa dwelling public that there is more to sport than a bunch of footballers whose main ability is to demonstrate that a huge amount of money does not bring either wisdom or good taste.

I just hope that for 2012 we make the whole thing a bit less stuffy and a lot more fun. Boris seems to have got the ball rolling but we need to keep the momentum up by introducing gurning, bog snorkeling and dwarf throwing to the London Games.

Our 8 minute presentation at the end of the closing ceremony yesterday featuring a red London Bus was meant to be a portrayal of the city's culture without anything being hidden. If that really was the aim, then they should have had Leroy shooting Dwayne for 'dissing' him in the queue, fat Tracey waving a bottle of WKD whilst stuffing her face with a kebab and being sick on the top deck, followed rapidly by Ahmed blowing it up.


Urban School Teacher said...

Our rather feeble attempt to fill only eight minutes, watched by a massive global audience, does not fill me with confidence that 2012 will be a great success. And you are correct to say that the use of the bus was not entirely accurate: It turned up on time, the driver seemed pleasant, and everyone got off uninjured/alive.

Nick said...

Since when did the handover ceremony have a bearing on how good the Olympics were four years later? Remember Syndey's pathetic effort at Atlanta - blokes dressed up as kangaroos playing digeridoos?

Our little effort didn't take itself too seriously, which is exactly what a London opening ceremony should (or shouldn't do). It would be a welcome contrast to the over-long and over-done opening ceremony we saw at the start of the Beijing games.

Lilyofthefield said...

I'm reporting you for racism and fatism.
I swear I would be collecting my P45 if I dared to make such a comment at Hell High.

cramerj said...

You could do the Olympics real cheap on a nostalgia basis. it would be authentic British - based on the blitz and the great strikes.
It would be carried out on an abandoned airfield with tents for the participants.
There would be rationing which would not be delivered on account of the strikes.
Scab beating, flying pickets, 'air raid warden' action could all be used and display the natural bossiness of the population.