Monday, December 01, 2014

Buying your Dream home in Spain

When you think about the amount of help that is showered upon undeserving wretches by the UK Government and the EU Court of Human Rights, it does make you wonder how a retired couple can put their savings into a house in Spain with all the correct documentation, only to have it pulled down a few years later, because the planning permission turned out to be fake.

I've often considered buying in Spain, but stories like this really bring home the dangers of investing in the Third World. We buy in the UK, safe in the knowledge that a legal document is actually worth something and we naively imagine that another EU country will have a similarly robust legal system.

Sadly that's just not the case.


Anonymous said...

Sadly - You are correct . Just ask Amanda Knox .

rusty said...

Hey Frank,

I tried to buy your second book from Amazon with no luck. It says it's not available for purchase. What's the story? I'm keen.